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♛ [ Rin ]
24 May 2020 @ 07:00 am
[ PFFF this fandom isn't as BIG as most...
I'll take it! Being playing as Rin, to RP in general~ ]

♛ [ Rin ]
02 October 2010 @ 04:29 pm
Types of sex I am OK with:
Anything. 8|

Kinks or practices I enjoy:
Tooooo many to list.

Types of sex I'm not OK with:
Waterplay/games, scat, if it's 4chan questionable ask.
Otherwise knock yourself out.

Kinks or practices I don't enjoy:
See above.

Willing to write rape or dubcon?:
Ahaha approved to both.
Only Rin isn't a rapist type. Dubcon he'll actively do.
As for the two being done to him? I'm all for it.

Is fade to black OK?:
Sure I'm lazy.
♛ [ Rin ]
22 March 2010 @ 06:47 pm

Contact:  AIM: MyCrashBomb

Name:  Rin
Fandom:  Togainu no Chi

History link:   

Wiki has HARDLY anything but here’s its [ link ].

 There is no fan sites, But there is a awesome Togainu no chi thread located [ here ].

It covers over the history of each route you can take with each character. As you can tell you need to have an account with the damn site to view it so I will post it below for your convenience. In no way do I claim this as my writing. (Just making it easier for you guys to get to).  

From the Above fan thread;

Rin starts off as the genki, girly character (although it's clear from the beginning that he must be a skilled enough fighter to back up his boasts, since he's surviving in Toshima as an Igura participant despite his young age). He carries a camera around, along with a sheaf of photos he's taken. Early on after Akira meets him, Akira helps him pick up some of the photos and happens to notice a picture of Shiki. Rin snatches it away furiously, showing a much colder and more frightening side of his personality.

Rin comforts/saves Akira after each time Akira runs into Kurosuke. They get along well--Rin is sweet, helpful and nonthreatening--but he also shows flashes of his other persona from time to time, and this nags at Akira. He learns from an old teammate of Rin's about how Shiki killed most of Rin's Bl@ster team. This former teammate (Tomoyuki) is extremely bitter because he suspects that Rin abandoned his friends and ran away... why else would Rin be one of the only ones left alive? Or something along those lines, anyway. This bitterness is part of what drives him to tell Akira the real reason Rin has been so kind to him: Akira bears a strong resemblance to Rin's dead teammate and first love, Kazui.

Not much time for Akira to sit around and debate the truth of this with himself, because Rin seems determined to throw his life away by chasing after Shiki (who is clearly the superior fighter). Moreover, as Akira tries to get Rin to stop and rethink things, Rin totally drops the cute act and attacks him in earnest. At this point, I believe, Rin is weakened from a recent bout with Shiki, who (as usual) pwned him.... that's why Akira succeeds in defeating him. He takes the unconscious & feverish & injured Rin to an abandoned building, where he gets him water and supplies and tries to nurse him back to health. At first he has to barricade Rin in another room, because Rin keeps raging and trying to attack him and screaming at him; he wants to be let free; he wants to challenge Shiki.

After a long, exhausting period of Rin banging against the door to the point of actually hurting himself, he finally starts to sleep and recover. The next time Akira goes in and sees him, he's much more docile, but also uncomfortable and ashamed. It's a side of him different from both his cheerful act and his cold-blooded determination for vengeance. [Rin is a fascinating and unpredictable character--there are scenes where he can be completely infuriating, especially in the parts when he keeps taking out all his pent-up anger and grief on Akira, but it's also a big part of what makes his route so great.]

What happens next is that Akira is fooled into assuming that Rin has reconsidered things. Instead, while Akira is resting, Rin takes his face-card tags. If you collect a poker flush of the Igura dog tags, you obtain the right to challenge Il Re, the most powerful participant in Igura and the "king" of the drug syndicate Viskio (which distributes Line; Arbitro takes care of most of the day-to-day administration and Igura-related business). Knowing that Shiki is Il Re, Rin goes to Arbitro's mansion to present his collected tags and make Shiki fight him formally.

Akira guesses what has happened and goes after Rin. Somewhere around here, he gets disgusted with the utter lack of contact with Ema and throws away the transceiver she gave him, breaking it. Since this transceiver (unbeknownst to him) also functions as a tracking device, his destruction of it explains why Ema & Gwen never catch up with him in Rin's route.

So yeah. Stuff happens, and Akira ends up in the arena with Shiki and Rin. For some reason Rin is bound and has been beaten... IIRC it might be because the tags he took from Akira (which were originally provided by Ema & Gwen) were discovered to be fakes. I can't for the life of me recall the precise reasoning and everything, but I seem to remember Arbitro egging on Akira to fight Shiki instead of Rin, which obviously makes Rin throw another hissy fit (even though he's a prisoner and in no position to put up any resistance). Just as it dawns on Akira that they're both in deep ****, something like an earthquake hits the arena. Part of the ceiling collapses. In the rubble, confusion and dust, Akira loses track of Shiki. He collars Rin, and they hustle out of there.

The earthquake was actually the bombing that marks the start of the civil war. Akira and Rin link up with Motomi and take shelter. While Motomi goes to confirm their escape route, Rin throws a temper tantrum at Akira for getting between him and Shiki yet again. He really hits below the belt this time (literally, lol)--first tauntingly telling Akira that he was using him as a replacement for Kazui the whole time, then coming onto him in the bitterest, most self-mocking way possible. ("Aren't I disgusting?") He seems peculiarly determined to make Akira hate him and leave him.

Now personally, I would've wanted to punch Rin's lights out at this point. But Akira, bless his soul, is a saint and perceives that Rin's attitude (just using people, not needing anyone, not hesitating to maim or kill whoever he needs to if it means getting his way, not caring who finds his sexuality or his bloodthirstiness repulsive) is as much a facade as the way he used to act lighthearted and silly and carefree. He confronts Rin with this until he forces Rin into a total emotional breakdown. Rin is in pieces now, but Akira remains steadfast and insists that he cares about him & will accept him no matter how Rin lashes out. Little by little, he convinces Rin to reach out to him.

As you might have guessed, this is where the rest of the Akira/Rin ero comes in.

However, instead of fleeing the city with Akira and Motomi, Rin decides that he has to stay and settle things with Shiki, despite the danger that's come with the start of the war. While Motomi and a very reluctant Akira travel through the tunnel to the CDC side, Rin finds Shiki at a place that means a lot to both of them... and I'll be darned if I can remember why, haha, but I think it might be close to where Shiki murdered Rin's team. Anyway, Shiki was badly wounded in the falling rubble at the arena, which is what allows Rin to fight him on a more equal level. He tosses Rin a katana to use against him, and they grin at each other in this totally badass way (the brotherly resemblance finally comes out, one might say) and charge--

In the epilogue five years later, the civil war has ended, and Akira is living a quiet life by himself. He still has occasional contact with Motomi, but he hasn't seen or heard from Rin since leaving Toshima. At the end of the epilogue, he's walking through his new home city when an older & taller Rin calls out to him. With the tumult of the war & its aftermath, it took Rin all this time to get away from Toshima and track Akira down. Making things even more difficult was the fact that he lost a leg in his death-match with Shiki (he wears a prosthetic now). But it was worth it, he says, to be able to give Akira this: and he holds out Shiki's katana as proof that he's closed that chapter of his past.

Age:  18

Canon point:  Seeing as he’s from a yaoi game I’m just going to snag him from the plot if you don’t take his route.  It’s generally the same for all the other routes this way, unless you kill Akira off.  To pick a landmark of a point I’m going to say he is from directly after the bombing start of the civil war.


Rin is a character of many sides, however he only aims to show one façade to those who happen to meet him. Upon a first impression one could assume Rin is a hyperactive sweet young man who lives to help and comfort those around him. He goes out of his way for those he considers friends, be it with protection or gathering helpful information. Much like a child his personality portrays itself to assume the role by being all smiles and perhaps not so PG rated teasing. However this is hardly the real face of Rin. The other side the boy does well to try and hide until opportune moments is truer to his core personality. Rin is wrought with guilt and the heated drive for vengeance against the one who murdered his team, his friends, and his love. He is a man who will go to any lengths for this retribution. Even going as far as to lead others on (like Akira and Keisuke) into believing he is a friend until he can make use of them.   Such cold callousness would be assumed to be hard to harbor with such a carefree smile on the outside, however when it comes to what he has accepted about his life, it makes it all too easy to back stab others for his own gain.

His personal goal in life is to die by the sword that had killed those he could not save. He seeks Shiki out with an unrelenting drive to end it all and end his guilt by sacrificing himself in order to receive forgiveness for his ‘sins’. In his mind he feels this is the right thing to do.

That goal changes however if one is to take Rin’s route.  With Akira at his side Rin’s motivation for absolution is hampered by Akira’s acceptance of him. Akira forces Rin to listen to him and to reach out, that no matter what, he still likes Rin even with this sin he carries on his shoulders, even with the violence Rin lashes out, Akira still accepts him and does not judge him for what Rin could not prevent from happening. This utterly disheveled Rin’s resolution and changes his goal somewhat. With forced acceptance and urged affection Rin decides no longer does he wish to seek out his brother so he can die by his sword. This time he seeks him out so he can defeat him and be able to move on, away from his past.

All in all Rin’s personality centers on wearing masks to hide his anguish that he carries with him.

He wants this sadness to leave him and in the long run will seek any ends to be rid of it.


Rin is an ordinary human.

He does have skills though when it comes to fighting with knives and he is also exceptionally fast on his feet.

Prose sample:

Fingers tore against bits of shredded cloth which began to fray along haphazard edges Each of those little strands were pulled by fingertips while blue eyes observed his work. He had acquired a few cuts, nothing life threatening mind you, but there was one rather deep gash against his leg which he was doing well to patch up as best as he could with the limited supplies he had on his person. With a sudden sharp intake of breath—the strip of cloth was pulled taut over the open cut which gave way to the fabric blossoming with wet red blotches.

 “E-eh… that should hold for now…” he sighed, fingers tying the loose ends of the makeshift bandage before he tucked it in. Placing a palm to the cold concrete floor he pressed his weight to his good leg. Wobbling before he managed to catch his balance he finally allowed himself to take in his surroundings. He had awakened within a empty skeleton of a house. Several walls were crumbling away and the front door was completely missing to allow the moonlight to pour over the stripped bare floor. With a few shaky steps, his hands compressed to an empty window frame.

 “…Something feels different…” he spoke to the empty air around him. This did not feel like Toshima, though it did very well look like the apocalyptic scenery of Japan. Something was off though, something he couldn’t quite place.  “I hope Akira is okay….And Keisuke… even the Old Geezer…” he listened to his voice die off against the stillness surrounding him. Jeez, he knew what was different… it was much too quiet for Toshima.  You could always hear something dying in the background or some gang hackling each other. But this air was empty. Rin wasn’t sure if he liked it.

 Shoving off the window he moved further into the room that he had found himself in. Big eyes zeroing in on the pack he carried with him everywhere, it rests half slumped against a wall beside some crumbled rubble. Plopping down upon his rump before the satchel, hands opened the flap to find it… virtually empty.  “W-wha…?” Instantly his digits tightened as he shoveled his hand against the empty insides of the fabric bag, no bundles of photos, no camera, not even his few yakiniku flavored Solids he usually had on him. “Where is it!?” He stood up wrenching the bag with him as he moved into the moonlight as if maybe being able to see more clearly would make the missing objects appear. But no, nothing materialized, save for one little slip of laminated paper that was folded into threes.

 Swallowing down he withdrew the sheet before letting the bag fall against the floor before him. Fingers delicately opened the brochure and the letter that had been folded neatly inside dropped right down to the ground. His eyes followed it before he knelt picking it up. Opening it his eyes quickly looked over the writing which he couldn’t understand. English? But as he stared at the paragraphs before him, it began to take shape to various kanji. Just what the hell was this…? Forcing himself to ignore the strangeness of it all he directed his eyes to the opening sentence.

 Just as he was about to finish the first few lines a sudden darkness fell over him and the sheet. Eyebrows furrowed as he slowly looked over the edge of the paper to see someone standing within the skeleton of the door frame.

 “…Eh…?” That silhouette was familiar… His head tilted a fraction before he suddenly smiled, eyes shutting tight while he recognized who it was exactly, “I didn’t know you were here too! This is great- at least I won’t be alone in this place- ne ne?” Only that stillness greeted him back. That empty quiet.

A sliver of blue opened again, smile fading only a touch, “…Ne..? Keisuke…? Is... something… wrong?”.

 Little did Rin know, soon enough that unnerving stillness would be oh so far away.

♛ [ Rin ]
21 October 2009 @ 04:02 am
This is mostly just for my reference,
though feel free to prod me here
if you want CR with this childish bastard.
[Always under construction]

Bad event..
Good event
♡ Good impression
Affection rate---
Bad action--------

[info]loyalpuppylove | Keisuke
Canon Mate. [ ]
------------ [Gift] Keisuke received Butterfly knife.
fdgfdgpuppykeisuke! [ ]

[info]slavic_sinner | Mello
One sided enemy?

[info]mizunosenshi | Ami
Giver of sweets! [ ]
--------------- [Gift] To be arranged.

| Captain Hans
Big scary dude, though a great listener?

[info]sacredviolence | Shiki
Canon mate / Older half brother [ ]
Killer of Rin's Bl@ster team- and past love interest (Kazui). [ ]
------------------------[Resolution] Kill Shiki or die trying.
------------------------[Resolution] Avoid.

| Gunji